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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions you might have with regards to selling your business and or working with VBS. If you have a question that needs answering - feel free to contact us. 

You will also find more information on selling your business on our linkedIn. 

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How do we decide the selling price for your business?

How can I learn more about the whole process?

How do we keep you up-to-date?

Who develops all of the marketing materials?

Do I need a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer?

How we market your business

How we prepare your financials

We help the buyer with financing

  • How Do We Decide the Selling Price for Your Business? – We will review your business’ financial information and discuss with you the nature of the operations of the business in order to prepare a pricing analysis. This pricing analysis, along with advice from your tax accountant and other professional advisers, will provide the foundation for an informed decision about the sale of your business. Of course, the price you would like to receive has the greatest on the final selling price we decide on. 

  • Is there a way for me to better understand the whole process? Yes, VBS offers onboarding meetings in our head office every month where we go through the entire process from A to Z. We cover valuation, marketing, how we update you, legal documents, negotiations process as well as due diligence right up to the actual signing of the agreement and funding into your bank account. 

  • How do you keep me up to date? We review every file that is in the offer stage daily and update our clients daily. For clients in the marketing stage, we update you at least weekly. Of course, if you ever have a question we are an email away. 

  • Who Will Develop Marketing Documents? – Based upon the knowledge developed during the preparation of the pricing analysis and further consultations with you, we will develop a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). The CIM will be provided to potential buyers only after they have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The CIM will highlight the strengths and opportunities your business offers to potential buyers. The CIM will include the key information that a buyer will require to make an informed offer for your business. Of course keeping confidential information is the cornerstone of our business. 

  • How Do We Find Buyers? – Through our extensive database of potential buyers, industry contacts and in-depth research of the market, Venture Business Solutions will access both strategic and financial buyers who we believe will likely pay the highest price for your business. We also advertise on the the largest business for sale websites in North America. 

  • How and When Will I be Introduced to the Buyers? – We will selectively and discreetly approach the prospective buyers to evaluate and establish their interest in acquiring your business. We will also screen those buyers who approach us through our extensive network to match their financial and business resources with your business. You will meet buyers once we are confident of the quality of the buyer and his/her seriousness and ability to purchase your business. You are updated weekly on lead generation and progress of leads.  


  • How Will I Receive Offers for My Business? – Our aim is to create a competitive marketplace for your business. Our goal is to generate multiple bids for your business in order to obtain Letter of Intents. These letters of intent (LOI’s) will set out the key terms under which the buyer proposes to acquire your business. You will then be in a position to select the buyer with the most attractive offer and the buyer to whom you can feel comfortable selling your business.

  • Who Will Negotiate with Selected Buyer(s)?– We have years of negotiation experience from which to draw upon when representing you in negotiations for the sale of your business. We understand the buyer’s priorities by working alongside them throughout the process and will use our knowledge to extract the highest potential price for your business.​ Our lead negotiator is Harvard trained in negotiations and has an extensive negotiations background. 

  • Who Provides the Information for the Due Diligence Process? – Once an LOI has been agreed upon, the due diligence process will commence. Our role in the due diligence process is to manage information flow between you, your advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.), the buyer and the buyer’s advisors.

  • Do I need a Lawyer to Close the Deal? – Finally, our goal is to successfully conclude a sales transaction to meet your needs. Throughout the process we work in tandem with your Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer to ensure the transaction runs smoothly and to minimize the disruption to your life and business. We are experienced in getting deals done.

  • Do You Assist in Seeking Financing? – Venture Business Solutions has processes and systems in place with several financial partners and institutions to help buyers seeking financing. Throughout the process we work with lending institutions to ensure smooth transactions, leading to successful business transitions. We are unique in the industry with regards to assisting buyers with financing. 

How do we find buyers?

When am I introduced to buyers?

How will I receive offers on my business?

Who provides the information for the due diligence process?

Who will negotiate on my behalf?

Do you assist the buyer with financing?

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