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Client Stories



 "After being disappointed by other agents who didn't seem to know what they were doing, Brad and Michelle have been professional and prompt. We have great confidence in Venture Business Solutions! 

Craig Gordon. President of Baked and Battered. Verified Google Review

"I have been working with Michelle, and the rest of the VBS team for some time now and will continue to do so. From the start of our relationship they vigorously plunged themselves into the issues at hand and have conducted themselves with extreme professionalism and genuine dedication producing overwhelming results beyond my expectation. I believe Brad and all of the VBS team would certainly be a beneficial addition to any organization and recommend them highly."

Joe Aprile, President & CEO - Acadian Driveaway Inc.

"VBS is unmatched. VBS has brought a lot of value to Wooden Ladder Consulting through their custom training sessions. VBS tailored there presentations to address our specific process issues and questions. We have especially found that Michelle is great at matching up the true potential of their custom processes with our real life business challenges that are not "text book or white paper issues."  She is an absolute professional. The skill set she brings is great programming plus her extensive business knowledge. She is patient and thorough. From the point of view of our specific needs - we would not have been able to accomplish  this in the time available without her. She was and is intuitive about our needs. She is also imaginative when problem solving - when we hit a wall, she had several different ideas to help us get past the issue."

Chad Hughes, Managing Director - Wooden Ladder Consulting

"The Status salon team has been working with VBS now for 18 months on a consistent basis. Although as a business owner it was a hard task to turn to someone for advice and let your personal guard of feeling inadequate down...but I am so glad I did! 
2 years ago I can honestly say I thought my business and personal assets were beyond the point of recovery and I had truly failed…. As soon as I met Mr. Crompton, there was an instant comfort in his knowledge, that no matter what I would survive.  As an entrepreneur, we pride our selves on our success and beat ourselves up over our failures and the VBS team showed me that with guidance and structure and yes "accountability”, we learn and “GROW” from it … 
As a creative technician, I focused solely on my strengths of my trade and failed on my weakness with other components of the business. VBS has taught myself and management team to prioritize, communicate, and systemize my business as a whole. So now as a team we are running the business and not the business running us! 
Result now…. I am currently running at a more consistent profit and not a loss from –9% to up as high as 25%.  I am more focused on the future with goal setting and systemization, and planning on expanding my business with 3 more salons within the next few years. Best of all, I am sleeping at night and setting up the right creditor protection plan and life insurance in place for my piece of mind. "

Jacqui Green, President & CEO - Status Hair Salons

Venture Business was the perfect solution for us. They helped us to better understand our financial situation and created a manageable budget in no time. Their constant communication, attention to detail, and genuine interest in our goals made them a pleasure to work with. They always go the extra mile, and always deliver. Thank you Venture for making us feel secure and confident in our business planning!

Dal Solutions. Electrical Company

After building out a really clear demographic and pyschographic model of my target market, we were able to improve my company's lead conversion rate from around 20% to over 80%. This obviously made a huge impact on my business with regards to sales but also with client satisfaction. The process we put in place to convert prospects into clients also helped to eliminate the value buyers - the ones always focused on price. This allowed me to meet my target margins and also helped to greatly with my client satisfaction. Now I have more happy clients that refer more. 

Henry Kaleta - Kaleta Landscaping

Thank you very much for all your support, I can't deny I was quite overwhelmed and in simple words freaking out inside but I am very glad I got the support of people like you guys and Martin by my side because this isn't easy, but when I think about it is easier than dragging it on.

Claudia Burgos- Business Owner

"VBS has made a huge difference in my life.  In just a few short months I have a much better understanding of my business, how I want it to grow and the steps I am going to take to get there. The potential is unreal and with the help and support of the VBS team my dreams are becoming reality!"


Kristan Cranley, President & CEO - Warrior Athletes

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